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Welcome to TitanSpot!
Welcome to, a Nissan Titan Forum and hopefully your favorite spot for Nissan Titan news, information, and discussion. Feel free to PM me, BLWedge09 (Management), krh2 (Administrator), or any of our moderators if you need assistance or have a question.

Featured TitanSpot Member:

  FS - 2014 Titan Pro-4X $22,250 (Near Dallas, TX)
Posted by: Dastum - 08-12-2018, 03:12 PM - Forum: Classifieds - No Replies

2014 Nissan Titan PRO-4X

 - 5.6 Liter V8 with Flex Fuel
 - 9300Lb Towing Capacity
 - 1842Lb Payload Capacity
 - Nissan UtiliTrac Bed Tie-Down System (With all tie-down cleats)
 - Factory spray in bed liner
 - Bed Extender
 - Back up Camera and Sensors
 - Tow Package (Class III Receiver Hitch and Wired Taillight Conncetor)
 - 4Wheel Drive with Electronic Locking Rear Differential
 - Rockford Fosgate Stereo
 - Black Cloth Interior (Cooler to sit on in Texas heat!)

Upgrades done since I purchased the truck
 - New Front Struts - Installed May 15th 2018
        - Struts consist of:
              - Moog 81196 Springs
              - Bilstein 5100 Adjustable Height Shocks - Set to 1" of leveling lift

- DVD players in each Headrest - Installed December 2017
        - Each Headrest DVD player has its own remote and wireless headset.
        - DVD players can play the same video at the same time or play a different DVD in each headrest.
        - DVD player can also play the audio from the movie through the trucks stereo (via FM channel)

Specter Cold Air Intake - Installed January 2017
        - Reuseable Red low restriction filter element

Wade In-Channel Vent Shades
        - Covers all four windows
        - Allows for venting in hot weather with worrying about rain storms

Motor Trend Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats
        - Trimmable to fit
        - Fully Covers all foot wells 
        - Deep sides hold dirt, mud and water

I'm selling my truck solely for the reason of lowering our family debt. Some unforeseen expenses came up since i purchased this truck in December of 2017 that would be easier to pay off without the added cost of my truck payment. I thoroughly enjoy the Titan and have no real desire to sell it but I have to consider family finances first (Thanks to Dave Ramsey [Image: smile.gif] )

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  Titan engine problems
Posted by: boudreaux7721 - 11-23-2017, 08:31 AM - Forum: Problems and Repairs - No Replies

Not to make this a long story the short of it . Engine is barely running like it's spitting and sputtering is I bring it to Nissan for diagnostic. They tell me my engine is shot the cats were sucked in throw the intake and I need a new engine 5,000 to 10,000 !!!

So this is where it gets interesting

Now mine you I have a little mechanic experience so I'm like yea ok it's not looked up ,it still runs I got this

So I start googling the VK56DE my engine all I can get it the Nissan dealer ship

At this time I'm trying to get mechanics to look at it their all telling me Nissan has the codes an they will not share it .

At this point I'm getting mad so I Google ( engine close to the VK56DE )Ferrari comes and I'm like yea ok what ever F-ing Google right

So I decide to have fun with it so I'm scrolling through pics.and what do I see it's a titan engine low an behold Ferrari and Nissan have the same type of V8 engines

So I start like for info on the Ferrari v8 and they had problems with the cats they were getting sucked in, the exhaust was to small

Now it's two years later I'm pissed

So I start working on it

I took out injectors, intake manifold, spark plugs, O2 sensors, and cats

Cleaned everything and put it all back

It took one week now that's working on it after work

And now it is running great!
[Image: 09460903a4a2c83c829d9b02744f2023.jpg][Image: 9c49ae34ca97f033224caeef34d97294.jpg]

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  Jba valina cat install
Posted by: bdumond - 04-21-2017, 06:37 PM - Forum: Engine/Drivetrain - No Replies

Hoping to find some help and or input. There is a thread on here somewhere and I can't find it again, the guys screen name is hunt crazy in California. He has done or had the install done if anyone can help with contacting him so I can ask some questions maybe get some pics if his install it would be greatly appreciated.

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  04 Titan major acceleration loss (Any advice welcome)
Posted by: TitanMan601 - 04-14-2017, 08:33 PM - Forum: Problems and Repairs - Replies (2)

My Titan won't go over 3k rpm and I can't stomp on it without it falling on its face.This is my first truck so I'm really new to this but could this be the problem? [Image: 6f8ee8b9e99272f4ae347dbcbd5f1f38.jpg][Image: d92ac5e1cd3602aee674d9c0c96c6e5f.jpg][Image: 15917dd388836396e3dd60b4c3dfde69.jpg]

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  California headers manifold swap
Posted by: bdumond - 02-21-2017, 11:10 PM - Forum: Problems and Repairs - No Replies

So I have a Po420. Thinking it is caused by a cracked manifold. Want to install a set of jba headers.if the cat is bad is there and alternative to OEM?or can the cat be eliminated?

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  Po420 trouble code
Posted by: bdumond - 02-10-2017, 12:55 PM - Forum: Problems and Repairs - Replies (4)

I have a 2006 LE crew cab AEM intake, Flowmaster. Recently threw this code. I really do not have a thousand dollars for one side of manifold/cat. Is there any alternative such as headers and an aftermarket cat? Here's the kicker I live in commiefornia. So it also has to be CARB compliant any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

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  New In Box - Truxedo Deuce 2 Tri Fold Tonneau Cover
Posted by: terryu1 - 01-19-2017, 05:13 PM - Forum: Classifieds - Replies (1)

TruXedo Deuce 2-IN-1 Roll-Up Tonneau Cover Nissan Titan 5’ 7” box

TruXedo Deuce 2 for short bed Nissan.  Has clamps that mount into utilitrac system.  The Truxedo Deuce is the only soft tonneau that can be rolled completely from the rear, or folded open on the front to allow front of box access. Due to a mix up in Christmas gifts this year I ended up with two.  I have one on my 2012 and LOVE IT.  TruXedo Deuce Nissan The Truxedo Deuce is the only soft tonneau that can be rolled completely from the rear, or folded open on the front to allow front of box access. Yet with this added functionality, the Deuce is still low profile for a clean look. It only sits one inch off the bed. The Deuce exclusive hinged design includes a built-in tension control device to avoid pinch and wear of the fabric. This frame incorporates two patented features that assure a tight cover fit in any temperature. No drill installation. Easy one hand operation opens either end.  Lists online for $529.00.  Will sell for $325.00 plus shipping.  (I did some prelim checking and I believe this will cost about $89 for ground shipping so you will save about $200.

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  Tailgate latching rods
Posted by: 05titanfedup - 01-15-2017, 01:54 AM - Forum: Problems and Repairs - No Replies

Ok first of all 05 titans are gonna be the death of me. Lol but inside the tailgate the latching rods are in two different ways. Is this right? If you don't understand my description let me know I'll try to explain it better. I'm a woman lol but learning and trying to work on my Titan since I can't afford to pay to have it repaired anymore. Help. Lol

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  HELP! transmission acting very funny
Posted by: Pargabright - 01-02-2017, 04:19 PM - Forum: Problems and Repairs - No Replies

When cold goes thru all gears just fine, when it warms up no 4th or 5 gear. Oil not burnt and look good too, no codes. Changedo oil same result. If it will go into 4th or 5 get a very bad shutter from transmission when trying to accelerate unless I put it to the floor then it down shifts but will do it again when up shifts. It's a 2010 with 100 k on it. Never tow anything just normal hiway driving.

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  Happy Birthday Havock
Posted by: mcginkleschmidt - 12-17-2016, 03:09 PM - Forum: Off-Topic Discussion - Replies (1)

Havock, I haven't seen you on the board for years now but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday anyway.  Dance

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