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Zoomers Exhaust Major Rust Issues
Well, my Zoomers cat-back exhaust has been on my truck for about 5 1/2 years now with no issues whatsoever. At least that's what I thought. Today, I went out to the parking lot at work to go home and noticed that the zoomers tip was hanging awfully close to the ground. Turns out, the pipe came loose at the back of the muffler and the whole thing was just dangling from the hangers. I took that piece off and put it in the back of the truck. When I did that, I realized that it was eaten up with rust.

After looking under there closer, there was another inch square hole in front of the muffler. Pics attached.

For now, I just bought a new clamp and put some of that exhaust fiberglass mending tape wrapped with wire over the whole thing. Basically, it's a piece of foil, then fiberglass tape you soak in the hardener, then wire to go around it all. Would have been pretty easy but the wire they provide is too stiff to work with. Anyway, I put a new clamp on it as well, but even after jacking up the muffler, I could never get it to line up quite right and never got the pipe very far on it at all. It's doing good to be 1/4" on there. Hopefully it'll hold for a little while until I decide what to do.

I got this Zoomers back before they went stainless steel. Even so, I live in the south with no salt on the roads or anything like that. I expected it to last longer without such huge failures in the pipes. The muffler itself and the tip, which are stainless, are fine.

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Wow that is major and IIRC you did that after I did my Banks. Guess I should take a peek at it....
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